SeaBird Designs was founded in 2006 in Norway and is one of the fastest growing kayak manufacturers in Europe. We started out in Norway and today we have 80 dealers in over


30 different countries around the world. SeaBird Designs has been the top-selling kayak brand in Norway for the past six years.

The founder of SeaBird Designs is Norwegian Len Ystmark who has been in the kayak business for fifteen years. What once was just a hobby has quickly become a respected and fast-growing business. Len has a passion for nature and sports which goes back as long as he can remember, a legacy of hiking and camping trips with his father on the Norwegian fjords. SeaBird Designs started with production of composite and polyethylene kayaks in 2006. Currently we offer twenty three composite kayak models in the following styles: Touring, Greenland, British, Fitness and Surfski. We also have eight different models of polyethylene kayaks, from sea kayaks to recreational models, and special kayaks for fishing. Our goal is to offer top quality kayaks at an affordable price, backed by our already renowned customer support.
The three key tenets of our business are:

  • INNOVATION – to provide our customers with innovative technologies, newmodels and new designs on a regular basis.
  • QUALITY – we are dedicated to continuous improvement in the quality of everykayak we make and in every activity we perform.
  • VALUE FOR MONEY - our business philosophy is to offer our customers realvalue for money. We are constantly looking for ways to minimize the costs andmaximize the product's quality.




 The Expedition LV is the little brother of the Expedition HV. The Expedition LV is the best choice for paddlers ranging from 45 kg to 85 kg. It is ideal for ladies, smaller men or junior paddlers. Taller men who wish for a kayak with less volume may also enjoy the Expedition LV. The Expedition LV 480 has a total volume of 265 liters

Expedition combines speed, stability, volume, weight and design very well! Few kayaks can match its all-around capabilities. One of the first things you will notice on this kayak is its elegant lines.


Expedition has a modern Swedish form, which means that it is wider behind the cockpit. The Swedish form likewise gives the kayak a longer waterline. Compared to stability, this is a very fast kayak. You will notice straight away how stable and safe it feels when waves come without warning while paddling on the sea. If you are experiencing bad weather, you will be surprised by how well you are able to keep up in speed, despite the inclement conditions. When embarking on longer journeys, you will appreciate the large and spacious hatches this kayak offers. The Expedition comes with two generously large, watertight compartments and a small reachable storage space ideal for a mobile phone. We have managed to manufacture one of the best sea kayaks on the market that features a unique feeling of stability and safety along with its high versatility. This kayak has only one limit, and that is you!

The Expedition's day-hatch situated in front of the cockpit is great for stashing a mobile phone or camera. The kayak also includes a new backrest regulation system allowing a paddler to adjust positioning while sitting securely in the vessel. SeaBird power pedals are also featured in the Expedition, which allow pedal adjustment of 15 cm in either direction and let you fit the kayak's steering capability precisely to your individual needs. Thigh braces can also be regulated by ten centimeters both ways.








Konstruksi  Three layer polyethylene

 Ingvar Ankervik

Product Developer

 Len Ystmark



 Seakayak / Lake


 Sit In , Single

Model  Expedition
Warna Tersedia  Kuning, Merah, Hijau
Berat 25 kg 55 lbs
Panjang 480 cm 15' 9"
Lebar 56 cm 22'
Tinggi 35 cm


Internal Cockpit 80 x 39.5 cm

2.7 x 1.39'

Spesifikasi Pengguna
Berat Pengguna
60 - 90 kg   
132 - 198 lbs

140 kg

309 lbs

Informasi Umum
Harga - Call Us-
Stock Tersedia - Call Us-
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Fitur Standar
Unit Discovery Kayak
1 unit
  Adjustable thigh braces  
  Power Pedal PRO XI9  
  Rod holder  
  Foldable Rudder  
Seat Molded ergonomic seat with paddling
1 unit
Paddle Standard touring padle

1 unit

PFD Standard personal floating device

1 unit

Accessories Black deck net

1 unit


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