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A spraydeck (or spraycover or sprayskirt) is a flexible cover for a boat, in particular for a kayak or a canoe. It is used in whitewater, inclement weather or sport to prevent water from entering the boat while allowing one or more passengers to sit in the boat and propel the boat by paddling or rowing.

A spraydeck is a sheet made out of water-tight cloth (for example, rubberized or impregnated cloth) sized to fit over the opening, or cockpit, of the canoe or kayak.

A spraydeck has an opening for each passenger. Each opening likewise is encircled by a line or elastic string running in a hollow seam on the edge of the hole. This makes it possible to tighten the spraydeck around the body of the passenger.


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At Peak UK we pride ourselves as being world class innovators. All our products are designed and tested by experts, both at paddling and garment production. We use only the finest quality materials sourced all over the globe. All our products are manufactured using the latest and highest quality techniques and machines available.


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The Peak UK Standard deck is an entry-level neoprene spray deck that is available in several different deck sizes and also a variety of waist sizes.

It comes in sizes that are suitable for Whitewater Kayaks, Sea Kayaks, Touring Kayak and Slalom Kayaks and also Canadian slalom kayaks. (C1 and C2)

Peak UK has designed the standard deck to be made from a 4mm neoprene. The deck itself is totally seamless other than the seam that connects it to the waist tube. This seam is then glued, blind stitched and also liquid latex sealed for the highest levels of performance. The main section of the deck then has a latex print on it that helps to prevent wear and tear around the edge. The front of the deck is then fitted with a release handle. This is great for removing the deck in the event of a capsize.

NOTE: Cockpit measurements should be taken from the outside edge of the cockpit rim at the maximum points. Do not rely on literature as it can be measurements from inside the rim and often times not accurate.

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