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alt Jakarta
alt 1 Island (Next to Pulau Pramuka, Pulau Panggang, Pulau Karya)
alt 0 jiwa (No resident)
alt 1 hours Speedboat Ancol, 2 hours Fery Kaliadem
alt Homestay AC, NO Hotels, NOR Cottages


About Semak Daun Island

Pulau Semak Daun is one of the islands in the Pulau Seribu Regency, or Thousand Islands, just offshore from Jakarta. This empty island has a family of caretaker who lives on the island and get particularly busy during weekend.alt

It is a practically deserted tropical island roughly the size of a large football field. It has some spectacular coral, a few young mangroves and a lovely sandy beach. Stop on the beach and passengers on a small jetty to get to this island.

Perfect island to relax, swim, practising snorkelling with some georgeous coral and sea grass (breeding ground for Sea Turtles). Bring your own drinks and water, but please, take them off the island as well.

The water is warm for swimming while the softly sloping beach makes it easy for little kids to run in the tiny waves. Sandcastle building and beach sports and corporate teambuilding games provide fun out of the water.

In a weekday this Island of Semak Daun as cozy as your home!

Mangrove Conservation

Apart from the physically protecting the coastlines, they are valuable sources of many different types of food, including fishes, crabs, prawns, shellfish, not to forget the seeds that are also consumed in many parts of the regions. Furthermore, mangroves are an important source of firewood and building material for housing, as well as other products such as dyes that are used in masi-making.

In essence, mangroves provide natural adaptation to the effects of climate change, serve as natural insurance against climate change, and contribute towards the global reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


To visit this island which isi include in Vacation Package to Pramuka Island.

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