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About Tiger Island

Tiger Islands Village & Eco Resort, otherwise known as Pulau Macan.  The two gorgeous islands exemplify the best of rustic tropical living while introducing modern eco technologies and comforts.  The natural environment is stunning and features white sandy beaches, aquamarine waters, colorful corals, playful fish, and lush tropical vegetation.  Food, some of it grown within our organic gardens, is fresh and delicious.  Cabins and structures are simple and comfortable.  We’ve got books and DVDs in our media library, and plenty of watersports equipment and island toys.  The folks that look after you are from an extended family that have lived on the island for more than 15 years.  These friendly, humorous, and innovative people are your chefs, your housekeepers, your boat captains, your bonfire-builders, your guides, and your friends.  Whether you are staying for a weekend or an extended visit, we are always pleased to welcome guests to this tropical paradise we call home.

This only island have a vision is to make you feel at home within beautiful environment while introducing you to some of the solutions we’ve applied to make our little world a better place.  Sustainable energy, environmental stewardship, organic gardening, rain water harvesting, composting, waste management, community development, and evolved learning are all part of our life here.  When you discover what an amazing vibe results from the combination of these elements, you’ll see why many have called our two little islands paradise.


Nearby island from Tiger Island is:

  • Pulau Kayu Angin Bira (Turtle Island, NO ENTRANCE!)
  • Pulau Bira (Hot Spot for snorkeling, ex resort island)
  • Pulau Genteng Kecil (Hot Spot for snorkeling, spot snorkeling)
  • Pulau Genteng Besar (Genteng Island, resort, entrance fee applicable)
  • Pulau Kayu Angin Genteng (Hot Spot for snorkeling, spot snorkeling)
  • Pulau Bulat (Round Island)
  • Pulau Matahari (Sun Island, ex resort island)
  • Pulau Panjang (Long Island, ex-Airport)
  • Pulau Sepa (Sepa Island, resort, entrance fee applicable)
  • Pulau Putri (Princess Island, resort, entrance fee applicable)
  • Pulau Pelangi (Rainbow Island, resort, entrance fee applicable)
  • Pulau Kotok (Kotok Island, resort, entrance fee applicable)
  • Pulau Papatheo (Papatheo Island, resort, entrance fee applicable)


Getting to the island is easy – speed boats depart from the Ancol (pronounced Anchol) Marina in North Jakarta, every day of the week, at 7-10 am. On weekends, the journey takes 1.5 hrs or so, and during the week when traveling on the fast inter island ferry, it usually takes around 2 hours. Every day, a pick up is available from our island at around 2 pm which gets you back to the Marina at about 3:30 on Sundays, or with the inter island ferry, around 4 or 4:30 depending on when you are picked up and how many stops the boat has to make.

If you are chartering the island, or you'd like to charter your own boat with a group of friends or for a special event, please let us know. Our boat partner has a range of boats available for small or larger groups, including with sound systems and flat screen TVs.

Sailing is one of our favorite options and it can take around 8 hours to get from Jakarta to the island. There aren't so many sailboats available these days, but please call our team and inquire if you'd rather make the trip out there on a sailboat. We've done this numerous times and our guests do enjoy the experience fully. If you like this option, we'd recommend you stay for at least two nights or longer. 


Main Hut, Bamboo Bar & Sundeck

The perfect place to relax, enjoy views of the ocean and small island, meet other guests, listen to some great island music, and get some sun.   This is also a common launching pad for snorkeling expeditions, a wonderful spot for candle-lit dinners and late night conversations, a spot to enjoy a drink or two, and a great place to stargaze.

The Club House 

The main building on the island consists of our front desk office, a kitchen, a few dining areas, a pool table, a reading area, the 24 hrs snack and beverage area, and a place to watch movies.  Most of our meals are served buffet style from here.  The Clubhouse has wide open spaces that cater to many different events, and our team is more than happy to move around the furniture to customize a layout for private or customized functions.

The Deserted Island

About 200 meters away from our main island, our deserted island awaits your discovery. Here we have a beautiful white sand beach upon a pristine island untouched by development save a few paths, a little hut with drinking water, and a natural toilet. The reefs all around our deserted islands make for great snorkeling, and it's the perfect spot to feel immersed in nature on your very own Robinson Crusoe Island. We also have a small trash / resources center where we collect the stuff that washes up on our shores.

The Equipment Hut & Store

This is where we house most of our waters ports equipment including our snorkeling gear and our booties. We also have a little shop here selling snacks, soaps, souvenirs, and a few other things you may need or like to have during your stay.

For details please contact our Customer Service here.


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