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Pulau Macan (Tiger Island)

From all the travelling around West Java, and even short flights to places like Bali and Belitung, time and again our Eco Adventure clients from our parent company have cited Pulau Macan as the perfect weekend getaway from Jakarta. Door to door, with our new partner ships, is less than two hours traveling time.† No potholes on the roads, no traffic, no queing at the airport, and most of the journey is good fun with plenty to see.† You arrive at a destination that is so unlike Jakarta and anything urban, you feel as if youíre out in the middle of some beautiful archipelago, far from civilization.

Itís a place where you can restore your sense of peace.† Where you can reconnect with nature.† Where you have nothing to worry about.† Where you are nourished with gourmet, healthy foods.† Where an expert masseus awaits to put you into a state of supreme relaxation and give your body the care and attention it deserves.† Where the adventure of snorkeling and island exploration awaits you.† Where you can meet amazing people in a comfortable, relaxed setting.† Where you can listen to some great music, watch good movies, and even have a cocktail or two while enjoying the spectacular sunsets.† Where you can restore your health through Yoga and through specially formulated smoothies to give you a boost.

Our newest service for the weekends is one of the most innovative offerings we have come up with, and is a result of pleas from some of our returning guests.† Itís a full weekend stay that departs three times a month at the regular hour of 8 am, but comes back early on Monday arriving at the Marina at seven with enough time for most folks to make it to work at nine and perhaps even stop off at home.† Once a month, we will depart on Friday afternoon with our new partner ships and come back late on Sunday afternoon.† Because one and a half days, for most folks, just isnít enough!


Note-worthy information about Pulau Macan:

alt April to October, clear blue-sky without any risk of rain could interrupt your holiday

  • For weekends, please reserve one or two weeks in advance
  • For long weekends and public holidays, please reserve 3-4 weeks in advance
  • Weekdays are generally quiet, please reserve 2-3 days in advance
  • If you are ready to reserve a package, please proceed to our reservations section


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